How to Set up and Clean a Birdcage

Learn how to set up and clean a birdcage with our step-by-step guide. Keep your feathered friend healthy and happy.

In a dirty, too-small cage or overcrowded with other birds,  your bird will be unhappy, and parasites and bacteria will grow, making your bird sick. Follow our tips for setting up and cleaning your bird’s cage.

How to Set up and Clean a Birdcage

Arrange the bird’s cage.

Equip the cage with a bottom lined with a false floor in the form of a mesh made of metal or plastic to prevent the bird from wading through the dirt, especially if the urge took him to recover a fallen seed.

Fill your bird’s cage with a dry bone: it will beak there.


Even if at brood time you offer your birds completely complete nests. Provide them with strands of wool or cotton and dry grass

Line the cage with moth repellent.

Moth repellent is a muslin bag containing sulfur.

This sulfur is intended to repel mites, tiny insects that parasitize birds.

Or place a cloth soaked in mulled wine in the cage. The moths abandoning the birds will poison themselves there.

Change the linen every day for a short week.


A soiled birdcage is an invitation to sickness!

The droppings and food that the bird drops on the bottom of the cage while eating are sources of bacteria.

Hanging Bird Cage

Do not hang a birdcage in direct sunlight, even in winter, in front of a window or near a heat source; a shady space is necessary for them.

For the birds to feel good, the cage must be installed where the temperature is constant.


If the small bag of sulfur that you hung on the cage did not succeed in keeping them away, if the birds are infested with parasites, you must change the bird’s cage or clean it really thoroughly, with water with potash or water with white vinegar added.

Clean your bird’s cage.

Clean the removable bottom of the cage daily with paper towels rolled up in a ball moistened with hot water and a drop of washing-up liquid.

Rinse thoroughly.

To make cleaning the cage more accessible, place newspaper or a sheet of cardboard on the bottom of the cage.

Thoroughly clean the cage by removing the droppings on the perch and cages.

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