How Much Better is ChatGPT-4 than ChatGPT-3?

OpenAI has just released the new version of its generative artificial intelligence: ChatGPT-4, but how is it different from ChatGPT-3?

After the official release of ChatGPT-4, we wanted to ensure it is a better-performing version if this AI-powered tool could support other information formats. Indeed not to be limited to text entries.

ChatGPT-4 vs ChatGPT-3: more precision

ChatGPT-4 is the most recent version developed by OpenAI. However, the company has integrated algorithms to strengthen AI’s predictive capacity. I am making her harder to fool.

The number of prompts used to train this latter model is also high, including malicious prompts to optimize this version’s efficiency in providing more precise results and whose reasoning is more logical. And this is compared to the information provided by ChatGPT-3.

This finding is based on a performance comparison of ChatGPT-4 and another version. The two variants were then the subject of an experiment on the same question. But the answer that ChatGPT-4 provided was more accurate. In other words, a solution that is based on facts and that is more coherent.

Support for other data formats

Compared with ChatGPT-3, ChatGPT-4 has a significant advancement. It can support and understand input images. ChatGPT-3, on the other hand, is limited to supporting text input data.

Although this is a new capability in the latest version of ChatGPT, it is already available to users. It allows them to get relevant information about an image, including tags. The most significant advantage of this functionality is the possibility of obtaining information on food packaging, among others, especially for people who suffer from vision problems.

800% throughput compared to Chat GPT-3

Chat GPT-4 is, according to OpenAI’s explanations, capable of processing a volume of data up to 800% compared to Chat GPT-3. This capacity will allow it to handle extensive documents in the future.

This new version is far more efficient than its predecessor in terms of benchmarks. She then outperforms Chat GPT-3 by 16% in completing the tasks assigned to her. Along with this improvement comes the possibility of using the tool for non-English speaking users.

Another great thing about Chat-GPT-4 is that it’s more likely to provide more factual answers. And on the user side, the use is safer. It is due to Chat’s GPT-4 restriction to respond to unauthorized content. But the mesh of the net can still be leaked. Making it so that it is not 100% insured.

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