ChatGPT: This New Feature Makes Internet Users Salivate

Last I heard, ChatGPT just gave a boost to generative AI. A few days ago, OpenAI integrated a new feature to make the app cooler than ever.

If the launch of this generative AI, ChatGPT was simply to collect opinions and comments; it would be a real text-generation tool. No less than these toughest competitors.

ChatGPT AI returns in another form.

The ChatGPT AI, an underlying model of InstructGPT, is based on training to provide an accurate and factual result (according to its description). But to do this, users must give it the necessary instructions.

Until now, ChatGPT was simply a machine learning model that allowed OpenAI to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its AI-powered system. It was indeed a simple preview of its generative AI. But since the tool quickly became a darling of internet users, OpenAI decided to integrate a new feature into the ChatGPT AI. This update focuses more on this AI-powered technology’s handling or ease of use. It took about 4 months for OpenAI to find a new way to retain its audience despite the allegations against ChatGPT.

A new way to look at generative AI

What is certain is that after the launch of ChatGPT almost four months ago, the OpenAI teams were able to obtain what they wanted. That is reviews and comments on ChatGPT as a whole. For Internet users, this represents a new way of seeing generative AI.

For your information, the way things are going, technology is changing its face. It’s not just about metaverses or attractive interfaces. It is also a new feature of ChatGPT, which allows users to enjoy a text box from their device. It was a command line that has been gone for some time but is returning with a bang with OpenAI ‘s update to ChatGPT.

A new generation of user interfaces, thanks to ChatGPT.

Generative AI takes two paths simultaneously. The first direction is to add new features, like the case of Google’s LaMDA of GPT-4. The objective here is to be able to generate content such as memos, emails, etc. Or to write codes or solve certain calculation errors.

The second direction of generative AI is where Internet users can chat with an artificial intelligence robot on a specific subject. But now that ChatGPT has taken the AI ​​world by storm, the ability to type a search into a text box has become the next generation of user interfaces. For some, this is a whole new form of interaction. But for others, it’s simply a return of the famous command line.

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